Assessment is an Art!
Our AI engine will learn it.

Assess  a talent by coding challenges, personality traits and  video responses 
in a single report to make smart decision

We help you find top talents by ranking the candidates against our industry standard benchmarks relevant to your requirements. 

Customize and automate the process of skill gap analysis, performance evaluation, Up-skilling, learning effectiveness and many more.

Our personality assessments provide a 360 degree overview of candidate  fit to your organisation’s culture and your desired characteristics for a role

A complete assessment suite for all your talent needs

A unique suite that automates simple to complex assessment processes with complete customization


Our platform allows complete assessment customization. Collaborate with the team to design and build an assessment tool as simple or as unique as you wish to find the top talent.


Our configurations help you to organize and control the assessment process. Our customization module is as flexible and dynamic as your business needs.


Streamline your assessment process with our automation that works around the clock and builds candidate experience as smooth as possible results a complete report immediately available for your decision.

From Unknown to Known

Finding the personality of talent is as important as knowing the proficiency of skills. You can combine the skill assessments with our well-researched personality tests to assess the overall fit  to your company

360 Degree candidate profiling

Our proven method of assessing personality will give you 360* insight about a candidate. You can hire with confidence and reduce attrition rate. 

Watch before you decide

You have much more than a resume to see what candidates have to say about themselves. Our seamless video recording enables candidates to submit their response for any of your questions.

Role based personality assessment

Matching talent to the relavant job by role  is now possible with our solution. We provide personality traits fit analysis for every role. 

The rising cost of poor decisions ends here!

It is never an easy task to benchmark the process of finding the right talents for any company. With our advanced analytics and reports you can always make data driven decisions

Reporting & Analytics

Our assessment reports provide a combined 360* talent view of a candidate’s technical ability, coding pattern, Video profile and Cultural fitment analysis. It is completely customisable and rich in insights.

Build your complete interview with details, Not just resumes

Do you know the details of how you did your last hire?  Our solution will backup all of your assessment  details for future use. 

Build intelligent interview process and candidate pool

Our proprietary  algorithm learns and recommends the right candidate who fit the role and build a winning team 

Powerful decisions are possible with the right data!

Understand who are your top talents and the best assessment processes.Then use that data to improve your decisions.

Knowledge is power !

Read our blog for the latest trends in talent assessment and automated hiring 

We appreciate our customers feedbacks!

We deliver seamless customers experience

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An Intelligent assessment platform to find top 10% of talents powered by Artificial-intelligence and Machine learning 

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